International Champions Cup: Atletico Madrid beat Juventus 2-1

International Champions Cup: Atletico Madrid beat Juventus 2-1

Atletico Madrid dominated the Serie A champions in the International Champions cup to the extent of defeating them 2-1. The La Liga’s side’s €126million  Joao Felix showed why he was bought by having several amazing displays.

Thomas Lemar turned Joae Felix’s volley into the net to give Atletico the lead. Juve’s Sami Khedira leveled up the scoreline but Joae Felix score a goal for his team four minutes later to put his team back again in the lead.

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  1. Sarri has gone to Juve to destroy the team, he cant fit into alegri’s shoes.

  2. Juve look a total mess under Sari -what on earth were they thinking getting this clown in at the helm? I have never seen Juve so disorganised, They are known for being compact and disciplined not this mess

  3. Mistake from De ligt on the 2nd goal

  4. I think Athletico might win the la liga this season.

  5. Just saw the highlights of the game…he looks some player…imagine him in 2-3 years…well done A Madrid….I hope they win the league this year so Barca and R Madrid can do one

  6. I don’t think they wld be missing Antoine!

  7. Its gonna be Felix vs Mbappe for the next decades.

  8. Selling griezman and signing this young lad for a similar fee is absolutely fantastic

  9. This guy is special.

  10. The boy is good! 2 touches 2 goals.. excellent finisher.

  11. The new Cristiano. Maybe even better?

  12. Athletico time has come to win the la liga

  13. Hazard won Sarri his only trophy and he will be a disaster at Juve

  14. This kid is the real deal, just a pity he will end up at Barca in a few years time.

  15. Oh my what a player Joao Felix is!

  16. Atletico have a real gem in this boy

  17. This guy should have been zidane top target..

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