Serena Williams retires from Roger Cup final due to back injury

Serena Williams retires from Roger Cup final due to back injury

Serena Williams broke down in the finals of the Roger Cup during the weekend. She was forced to retire from the match due to back injury which led 19 year old Bianca Andreescu winning the title. Williams was down 3-1 to Andreescu in the first set before calling a medical timeout. I was then the chair umpire that announced that Williams had to retire from the match.

“I’m sorry I couldnt’t do it today, I tried,” a tearful Williams told the crowd in Toronto. “But I just couldn’t do it. Thanks to Jehovah for letting letting me come out here. And Bianca, you are a great sportswoman. And thanks for my team. It’s been a tough year but we’ll keep going.”

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  1. Sorry serena, you just can’t cheat nature, you are getting old. Take heart.

  2. She has been unlucky for some time now, lost several finals.

  3. My favorite tennis player, I believe she can still win titles.

  4. Stop playing and give the younger generation a chance to excel.

  5. She should retire

  6. She has had a remarkable career.

  7. Whenever she loses it’s not because she had a more worthy opponent, it’s because she had some injury

  8. When the injuries start to always happen it might be time to think about retirement.

  9. Retire and start a business madam

  10. She needs to retire she is getting old, she should not be playing 19 year old and expecting to win

  11. She knew she was going to lose so

  12. You had a great career, your time is over.

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