Ronaldo reveals what makes him better than Messi

Ronaldo reveals what makes him better than Messi

For a very long time there has been different answers as to who is greatest between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The two players share 10 Ballon d’Or awards equally. A new answer to who the greatest between has emerged and this time it is from Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese once again showed his pride in having ruled the UEFA Champions League for years as a basis of pin-pointing the difference between him and Messi.

“The difference with Messi is that I played for several clubs and and won the Champions League with different clubs,” Ronaldo disclosed in an interview with DAZN for a documentary.

“I was top scorer in the Champions League six seasons in a row. There aren’t any players who won five Champions League trophies, so this is why I feel that I can identify myself with this tournament.”

Ronaldo has won the Champions League four times with Real Madrid and once with Manchester United. He lifted his fifth Champions League trophy before making a move to Juventus last season.

Messi on the other and has four Champions League titles to his name, all with Barcelona, where he has spent his entire career.

Ronaldo is Champions League all time top scorer, having scored 126 goals in 162 appearances. 65 of his goals have come in the knockout stage of the competition.

Messi is two years younger than the 34 year old Ronaldo and has found the back of the net 112 times in 135 appearance, with 46 goals coming in knock out phase.

Ronaldo had words of praise for Messi as well as he called him an “excellent player” and said he will be remembered for more than the five Ballon d’Ors.

“Messi will be remembered not just for his Ballon d’Or but also for having improved – like me – year after year,” Ronaldo said.

“I wake up every morning with the idea in my head of training with the objective of achieving something more, not just to earn money. Thank God, I don’t lack money, so  what I want to earn is a place in the history of football.”

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  1. Both him and Messi are two of the best players to ever play the game. Should leave it at that.

  2. Ronaldo has won multiple trophies internationally, he is the greatest.

  3. And no one even talks about Neymar…smh

  4. Ronaldo is better. It’s as simple as that.

  5. Ronaldo, GOAT, end of story

  6. Some say Ronaldo, some say Messi. I say Neymar.

  7. messi took the easy option & stayed in his comfort zone at barca while ronaldo proved himself at other clubs & leagues !

  8. ronaldo also had the balls to test himself in the premier league unlike messi !

  9. Messi was born with his gift, Ronaldo worked for his

  10. Ronaldo was born with a body that gave him a physical edge over Messi though.

  11. Messi is a natural and more skillful. Ronaldo is an animal that is super fit. They are both greats.

  12. If I had my own team, I’d pick Ronaldo any day. With a very fine line seperating them, CR7s physique edges it for me.

  13. He is correct!

  14. If that’s his logic then Clarence Seedorf is better than he is. because seedorf won it with three different clubs. ajax, ac Milan and real madrid

  15. Messi says nothing unlike Ronaldo

  16. The one who has always been humble is the greater of the two.

  17. Messi is the best player ever. Ronaldo is the most influential player ever.

  18. True. In a way he knows he is more adaptable than Messi, being a one clubs man.

  19. Several Teams? but u have only won with just two team.

  20. You’ve earned you place in the history books of football, don’t worry about that.

  21. CR 7 should try playing for the smaller teams and see where it gets him

  22. Ronaldo is correct.

  23. Both of them are great.

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