Diego Maradona is better than Lionel Messi – Ex-Spain bose Jose Antonio Camacho

Diego Maradona is better than Lionel Messi – Ex-Spain bose Jose Antonio Camacho

Lionel Messi can’t be remembered as the best player of all time unless he wins a World Cup, says former Spain Manager Jose Antonio Camacho.

In an interview with ABC in Spain, Camacho said ‘Messi is a very good player, but you can’t be the best in the world, or in history, if you’re Argentine and don’t win a World Cup.’

Messi has won trophies and accolades throughout his career, but the World Cup still eludes him, making Camacho question his legacy as the greatest.

The 64-year-old believes that his nationality is holding him back in this regard, saying: ‘There are countries with less tradition and not winning a World Cup may be less significant. But Argentina is a force. No, without a Messi World Cup, you can’t be the best.’

However, Camacho is not doubting Messi’s talent. When asked whether he thinks Barcelona should ever sell the forward, he said ‘I would keep him, without any doubt.

‘He can change the game at any time. There may be total equality between two teams but he can suddenly unbalance it. He would make me look like a good coach.’

Messi has won the Ballon d’Or on five occasions, and has dozens of other personal accolades to his name.

He’s scored 603 goals and got 242 assists in his 687 career matches so far, and has seen Barcelona through a dominant period of success in Spain.

Messi has won the Champions League four times, the Spanish title 10 times, the Spanish Cup six times, and the Spanish Super Cup eight times.

However, international trophies have been harder to come by. Argentina picked up an Olympic gold medal in 2008, but haven’t won the Copa America since 1993, nor the World Cup since 1986.

Diego Maradona was at the helm of Argentina then, and he is who Cabacho would choose as the best ever.

‘Because of his speed, his dribbling, and his goal scoring he is the best player I have ever seen… With the talent he had, if he had taken his career as seriously as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, he would still be active today.’

Credit: All Football

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  1. But maradona was a drug addict.

  2. Messi is 1000 times better than Maradona

  3. Comparing messi with maradona is an insult to football. Messi is the greatest.

  4. So Oblak is a nobody aswell as he didn’t even play in the world cup

  5. Who is this one talking what is his achievement in life

  6. Messi is one of the greatest club footballers in history

  7. I am tired of this debate on who the greatest is. they are all good players.

  8. It is sad Messi has not won a tittle with his country.

  9. but Ronaldo has not also ever won the world cup

  10. Nonsense. Messi has done more in the club game than Maradona ever did.

  11. Argentinas team was better back then than the one today and maradonna s a cheat anyway

  12. Messi should’ve used his hands more to be like Maradona…

  13. This man knows the truth he just wants to trend. Messi is the greatest

  14. Messi is the GOAT

  15. And no even talks about Pele anymore.

  16. Maradona cheated to win the World Cup. People seem to quickly forget what he was.

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