Europe top leagues ‘plotting 96-team Champions League’

Europe top leagues ‘plotting 96-team Champions League’

Just like the just concluded AFCON experienced an increase in the number of featured team, reports have shown that the UEFA Champions League might be the next football competition that will be modified in terms of number of participating teams.

Top European sides are holding discussions to increase the number of teams taking part from 32 to 96. The new model would comprise of 16 divisions with six teams in each one, with the top two sides in each group progressing to a last-32 knockout phase.

The European Cup has been in existence since 1955, with only 16 sides taking part in its first season, and became the Champions League in 1992.

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  1. But this will make the whole thing less interesting

  2. Arsenal and Man U fans will like this since it is now 6th position they battle for

  3. This will be absurd just leave it as it is already

  4. That number is to high fpr a competition like the Champions league it is even twice the normal number

  5. This is madness at its peak

  6. why don’t they just make for only champions of the league that makes more sense than this

  7. it will now be boring

  8. An opportunity for more teams to be on the big stage

  9. It will kill the game

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