Cristiano Ronaldo invites Lionel Messi for dinner (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo invites Lionel Messi for dinner (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo invited Lionel Messi out to dinner with him during an interview on BT Sport as part of the Champions League draw coverage yesterday in Monaco.

The duo were seen in conversation throughout the ceremony in Monaco and Ronaldo had some great words to say about their lengthy battle at the top – extending an invitation for dinner to Messi and showing that there is incredible respect between them.

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  1. Ronaldo is such an intelligent person, has great composure

  2. My respect for Cristiano Ronaldo just increased with this

  3. They are the greatest players that ever lived forget Pele and Maradona

  4. It is just like politics, both players respect themselves but their fans keep fighting themselves smh

  5. I am glad to be alive while these two played. Will surely tell my grandchildren about their tales

  6. Both of them are great footballers I swear.

  7. Chia!! the attention was shifted away from the best Player Van Dijk

  8. To say Neymar was not mentioned in that interview is a shame

  9. These two men made football more interesting to watch

  10. I like this two

  11. it will be painful when they retire

  12. Mbappe era is next.

  13. And our brother Mikel was first compared with Messi…life is bad for some people

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